Marshmallow to Lollipop downgrade and backup any android device

Downgrade Android Marshmallow to Lollipop, How to Backup Marshmallow and move to any Android Lollipop Device,

Whether you need to downgrade your Android version or just think you need to, there are some things you need to know. Downgrading Android version is possible. If your device has been downgraded to a previous version of Android, like for example; your current Android version may be Android 5.0.1 Lollipop and you may have downgraded to Android 4.4.4 KitKat. You can uninstall marshmallow and install lollipop, KitKat or any older version of Android. You can downgrade Android version on any of the Android devices. While going to forward and updating to latest versions of Android is always great. Sometimes you may wish to roll back to the previous version of Android. This could be due to various reasons. Maybe you the feature that you used the most in the previous version of  Android just doesn’t exist in the newer version or doesn’t work well or may be what you expected from the latest version of Android is not there in the release and you wish to roll back.


Marshmallow to Lollipop Downgrade Any Android Device

When someone wants to go back to an older version of Android it’s because they aren’t happy with the updated version. Running an older OS version can also add features that were removed in newer version or improve stability and reliability, especially if the new OS has just been released and so can be subject to bugs and issues. Rolling back to the previous version on Android devices is fairly easy it’s not hard as it is on iPhone. Some times it’s even impossible to roll back on iPhone.

Why Downgrade Android OS from Marshmallow

Every year, companies will be develop new Android OS versions. Not long after the main brands like Samsung, Nexus, LG, Motorola and HTC upgrading Android OS from Lollipop to Marshmallow, We heard many complaints, saying Marshmallow update is exactly the edition of Windows 10 for personal computer, which is full of errors. So many of them uninstall marshmallow and install the older version that is Lollipop.

Why people would rather downgrade Android 6.0 Marshmallow to Android 5.0 Lollipop

  • Data loss issue– Android Marshmallow update, deleted photos, contacts and messages
  • Battery drain and heating issue– In marshmallow the device started heating which led to faster battery drain than in normal condition.
  • Force close issues– Even through it was a clean install, application like google play services and twitter are giving force close issues.
  • WiFi Mac issue– In Marshmallow 6.0, WiFi Mac address changes upon after every reboot

How to Downgrade Android Version

We are downgrade Android Version to a Previous Android version using some methods. We are now going to see the official method to downgrade any Android mobile phone easily. The most important and easy method which is ROM Flashing. We have to flash the previous version of Android ROM on our Android phone. It is the only way to downgrade Android version on any of the Android phone. Step by step process is given below,

  1. Select settings menu on your phone, note down your phone model number
  2. Now, get the flash file of your previous Android version from internet
  3. Also, get the driver package tool from internet according to your device brand name
  4. Now, installing all the drivers on your computer and connect your phone Android to it when its switch off
  5. Finally, using that tools directly flash the flash files on your Android

Now, your Android phone will start working on the previous Android version. This method is used to downgrade new Android version to previous Android version delete your all phone’s data. So, make a backup of it and try it at your own risk. This was the best and official method to downgrade Android version. Using this method you can easily downgrade Android version. The only thing which you need is a computer, some software, flash file and an Android phone.

To get Android KitKat ROM for Samsung, HTC, and other Android phones you have to visit the official website of your Android phone brand website. Once you visit the site you can get your flash file of KitKat Android version from there. The phone model number and series number must be matched with the file which you have got from the website. You can flash this flash file which you have obtained from the official website of Android phone brand name using your computer or laptop.

Backup phone data and downgrade to previous Android version

Some easy techniques and experienced users offered easy and useful methods to rollback Android 6 to Android 5.1. However, to ensure data safety, they strongly recommend people use EaseUS Mobisaver for Android. A very user friendly and powerful Android data backup and recovery application, to backup Android to a PC . Taking a full backup of your photos, contacts, call log, messages and app data. You can then downgrade your Android 6 to Android 5.1 without losing data. How to backup phone data, step by step process given below,

  1. Connect Android phone to a windows computer
  2. Run EaseUS MobiSaver to scan all data on Android
  3. After the scan, save Android data to the computer

Rolling Back your Android phone to a previous Android

The first step you will want to do before you downgrade is backup your phone data i.e photos, call log, contacts, messages etc. Make a backup of all the important files you have saved on your device. After making a backup, the next process is download the Android 6.0 stock ROM for your device. This varies by the manufacture of your device. If your phone is a Samsung device, you can download a stock ROM from Sam Mobile. You can make use of Google to find and download the stock ROM for your device. There are various ways to do this and again this depends on what phone you can use. Once you have download the stock ROM of Android 6.0 version, you need to get it flashed on your device. Your phone is Samsung, you can use the Odin tool to flash stock and customs ROM on your device. If yours is an HTC device, you can use fastboot to flash ROM. you can check on google to find what method will work for your specific phone.

Since you will be flashing an entire operating system on your device, it will take some time to finish it. When it will finishes, your device will reboot. when it boots up, you will need to go through the setup process. The setup process is very easy and important stage. After the setup process that will configure the Google account as well as many settings for your device once that’s done. Then you will be back your home screen with your favorite version of Android. If you had taken a backup of your device, you may restore all data and access the files you had on your device.

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